Not using that old system anymore? Are you tired of it just sitting around taking up space? Let us take it off your hands! We will come to you and pick up your old computer systems (and most electronics) for FREE and properly recycle them for you.

Old Electronics

We gladly accept the following items :

  • Old Computers / Laptops
  • Old Cell Phones
  • Old Telcomm Equipment
  • Battery Backups (UPS)
  • Laser / Inkjet Printers
  • Power Cords / Cables
  • … and much more!

NOTE: Computer systems that are still in decent working conditions may be wiped clean, restored to factory condition, and then donated.

If you would like the data from your old system backed up before the computer is recycled, we offer Old Hard Drive Data Extraction as well.

Contact us today to schedule a pick up.