Submitting an ArticleWe have been asked quite a few times if we would be interested in posting an article on our website from various website owners and article writers.  Yes, we are always interested in adding relevant content to our site that can benefit our readers, so below is a guide on what we usually ask for when accepting article submissions.

Please include your article in a format that can be edited with Word or any other compatible program along with at least one image and the following:

  • Additional Images / Featured Image
  • Category Suggestion
  • Tags Suggestions
  • Focus Keyphrase

The types of articles that we are typically interested in, but not limited to are:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Security Related Articles
  • Internet of Things
  • Related Products and Services

In addition to the article, we like to create a user profile for our contributors that includes:

  • About You Paragraph
  • Picture or Generic Image that Represents You
  • Social / Website Links

Once you have all of this together, please send it to us at  We look forward to hearing from you.